Most roofers are happy just to take your money to replace a few shingles on your 15 year old roof. Most roofers also do not understand that they are possibly hurting your chances at getting your insurance company to cover a complete new roof for probably about the same amount they charged you for the small mismatched repair! Those missing shingles are a result of wind damage and that is a covered loss with insurance. You might be able to see missing shingles from the ground but the majority of the time there is more damage to your roof than just what you see from the ground. A qualified roofer, like Legacy Exteriors, that understands how insurance works, will do a complete inspection to find creased, broken, or seal failed shingles. They will perform a brittle test to determine if the roof is repairable. Most roofers will skip these steps and just take the quick buck. In order to do a spot repair on a roof, the shingles all around the repair area must be bent up and loosened to be able to install new shingles. This process often creates damage(that cant be seen from the ground) to the surrounding shingles. The older the shingles the harder they are to repair. If you fail a brittle test then youre a candidate for a full replacement! If your home is older than 10-15 years old, chances are that your roof doesn't meet existing code standards and is a candidate for a full replacement. Most roofers dont understand why code compliance is such a huge factor. This is one of Legacy's trade secrets so we cant get into too much detail here. If you have questions about your roof repair, even if they have already been completed, please reach out to us for a free consultation and inspection. It may not be too late for you to get your new roof paid for by insurance!

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